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The Artiste whose Creation printed in Crores, Literally!

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He is simple… He is humble… He is noble… And so are his creations…
When you meet Anant Khasbardar or visit his office, only one thing gets on your mind and that is pure simplicity. Even being in the profession of advertising, PR and event management for so many years, Khasbardar is not driven away with attitude, but has got connected more and more with the society. And that is the inspiration behind the ideas for his campaigns and creations.
So far, Anant Khasbardar has created many logos, designs and campaigns for many agencies and firms. But, he is in limelight for his worthy design of ‘Swachha Bharat’ i.e. Clean India mission. Yes, the transparent spectacles of Mahatma Gandhi and the devnagari letters ‘स्वच्छ भारत on each of the glass and the pair connected by the Indian Tricolor flag, is the creation of Anant Khasbardar, the artiste from Kolhapur (Maharashtra). And, after demonetisation, every new currency printed by Reserve Bank of India is depicted with this logo on each note, may it would have been of Rs. 2000, Rs. 500, Rs. 200 or Rs. 50.

Anant Khasbardar designed this logo within 15 minutes time, but the thought process behind the design is much more prolonged and suggestive. Mahatma Gandhi’s chashma (spectacles) is a symbol of his philosophy of cleanliness, not only physical but also of mind and soul. So it is crystal clear that it carries the flavour of Indian philosophy. That is the simplicity of idea which clicked the judges and he won the prize for logo designing. And, now its printing on the Indian currency is an honour of an artiste and his art. It’s of damn sure that no any other creation might have been printed as that of Khasbardar’s creation of Swachha Bharat logo, that means literally in the volume of crores. Yes, he is happy for that but not allowed his feet to leave soil. He’s continued his work with passion and commitment forward.
 Anant Khasbardar runs advertising, PR and event firm named “Nirmiti Graphics” from Kolhapur with a branch in Mumbai. Nirmiti is a Marathi word, itself means Creation and “Creation has no bounds” is a motto of this firm. And, its every creation is an example of creativity and simplicity at the same time, may it be the logo of National Digital Literacy Mission, may it be of 12th South Asian Games-2016 or may the variety of campaigns designed for many political parties or prominent political leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, being one of the beneficiaries.
Khasbardar has a very vast range of creations and campaigns to his credit. Along with the regular advertisements for print media, he has created many calendar designs, brochures for many firms, designed construction expos and many events. Nirmiti’s website www.nirmitiindia.com is itself a very nice example of simply creativity.
About his journey in this field of creativity, Anant Khasbardar, in his unique style, tells, thanks to our unique and versatile Indian culture and tradition full of festivals, colours, various forms of symbols and rituals, from which my every art, design and creation is inspired. He feels that creativity is God gifted and is unending process of self searching within and out, which takes you to the world of amazing ideas. Tiny pictures, symbols have huge power of communication, rhythmic lyrics are empowered to make you dance, and aesthetics within architect is capable to change one’s mood or entire lifestyle. That is the power of creativity which nature and culture altogether bless us.
Khasbardar doesn’t keep the credit with himself only. He emphasizes that his partner Shirish Khandekar and entire team of Nirmiti are the partners of his efforts to change the taste of people with designs, forms and simple words along with effective graphical presentation. He’s hopeful that his blending of verbal and non-verbal communication into the creative art will upheld the society’s trust and liking in Indian culture and environment. After all, it is a long distant journey towards holy peace of mind which I wish to travel through my creations, he solemnly declares.

Contact Details:
Anant Khasbardar, Nirmiti Graphics, 42, Sanmitra Society, Rajarampuri, Kolhapur-416008
Email- nirmiti231@yahoo.co.in,  Mob.: 9822321442

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